CREPE Dapp Visitors Competition (End)

Stay Crepe & Achieve CREPE.


This Quest is end!

Period : Oct 25th, 5:00 AM (UTC) - Nov 25th, 5:00 AM (UTC)

    Participants should click on the

    provided link

    and register their wallet address and Telegram user name. Each visit to CREPE Dapp ( and accessing with your wallet will be counted as one visit. The number of visits to each wallet during the event period will be tallied to create a ranking. Participants ranked 1st to 100th will receive CRE rewards. Capture a screenshot of the CREPE Dapp and share it 10 times in the

    Telegram room

    during the event period, Include the phrase 'CREPE: Manage All the Assets on Earth' when sharing.

    Criteria for selecting final winners

    1. Applicants who did not submit participation through the event application form were not considered.

    2. If multiple wallets were used with a single Telegram ID, only the one wallet with the highest number of related visits was recognized.

    3. Non-registered applicants of the CREPE Telegram Official Chat Group were not included.

    4. Applicants who encountered issues confirming their Telegram ID on the application form were not considered.

    5. Individuals who visited less than twice were not included.

    최종 당선자 선정 기준

    1. 이벤트 응모 양식을 통해 참가신청서를 제출하지 않은 지원자는 대상에서 제외하였습니다.

    2. 단일 텔레그램 ID로 복수 지갑을 사용한 경우 관련된 방문 횟수가 가장 많은 지갑 1개만 인정하였습니다.

    3. CREPE 텔레그램 공식 채팅그룹 미등록 지원자는 제외시켰습니다.

    4. 참가신청서의 텔레그램 ID 확인에 문제가 있는 지원자는 제외시켰습니다.

    5. 2회 미만 방문한 개인은 포함되지 않았습니다.

🏆 Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the CREPE Dapp Visitors Competition!

Rankings were compiled at 05:00(UTC) on November 25, 2023.


🏆 1st: 30,000 CRE

🏆 2nd to 5th: 5,000 CRE

🏆 6th to 10th: 1,000 CRE

🏆 11th to 50th: 500 CRE

🏆 51st to 100th: 100 CRE